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Date: August 4

The Port of Paita, an essential pillar for the economic growth of northern Peru, has taken a significant leap in its development with the acquisition of modern cranes that will increase the service capacity of this terminal by 40%. This advance represents a milestone in national maritime trade, reinforcing the commitment to provide an excellent and efficient service.

The new quay crane, the Super Post Panamax (STS), is an impressive addition to the port's infrastructure. With a height of 45 meters and a load capacity of 65 tons, this crane is responsible for loading and unloading ships. Its design allows reaching up to 23 rows on container ships, which significantly increases the efficiency of loading and unloading operations.

In addition to the STS crane, the Port of Paita has also received two new yard cranes (RTG). These cranes, with a height of 18 meters and a load capacity of 41 tons, are electrically powered, which contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from the terminal.

Manuel Martínez, General Manager of Euroandinos Port Terminals (TPE), the company that manages the Port of Paita, highlighted the impact of this modernization. According to Martínez, the new equipment will increase the terminal's capacity by 40% and the container dock by 50%, expanding export and import opportunities for the northern region of the country.

This investment and modernization effort is proof of TPE's commitment to service excellence and efficiency. Martínez expressed his confidence that these improvements will significantly increase the operational capacity of the Port of Paita and will allow TPE to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and users.

The expansion of the Port of Paita is a testament to the constant growth and potential of the northern region of Peru. With its strategic location and its commitment to continuous improvement, the Port of Paita is well positioned to continue to be a key driver for the economic development of the region.

Source: Logística 360°