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Date: December 1

Result of good commercial, political and cultural relations.

Bilateral investments between Peru and Chile reach 32,000 million dollars, favored by the actions of the Chilean-Peruvian Business Council (CECHP) to strengthen economic and commercial relations between both nations.

This was highlighted by the Foreign Trade Society of Peru (Comex Peru), noting that only in 2021 the commercial exchange reached 3,097 million dollars. 

To this were added the jobs generated in both territories due to this flow of investment and trade, he stressed. 

"Throughout its history, CECHP has played an important role in promoting various initiatives in the social, academic and business worlds, with important results for both nations," Comex-Peru highlighted in the framework of the Meeting of the Binational Cabinet held today in Santiago de Chile, an event that included the participation of the CECHP. 


For this reason, he stated that it is extremely important to continue strengthening this process with the support of the authorities. "Chile-Peru integration has been a State policy in both countries for more than 20 years."  

Among the initiatives promoted by the council are support for the approval of the free trade agreement between the two countries, attention to social problems, the promotion of energy integration, the facilitation of migration between Chile and Peru, the improvement of the Tacna-Arica train , and the promotion of investment and trade opportunities in third markets. 

In this context, during the Binational Cabinet Meeting, the CECHP considered that, given the challenges faced by Peru and Chile due to the global context, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive public-private plan, which incorporates the construction of alliances for structural reform, the promotion of sustainable and inclusive development, and have education and entrepreneurship as motors of social mobility. 

Source: Logística 360°