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Date: October 18

Within the framework of TOC America 2022, Grupo Tramarsa, a Peruvian holding company for infrastructure and port operations, has highlighted that the modernization of the country's ports has been a determining factor for the development of Peruvian foreign trade because it has allowed optimization of service times of ships and merchandise.

Currently this holding company, with more than 30 years of experience in the port sector, operates an integrated platform of ports and specialized services in the field. It is in charge of the concession of two of the most important public port terminals in the country: Salaverry in the north and Matarani in the south.

The concession of the Port of Salaverry is one of the youngest managed by Grupo Tramarsa; however, in four years of operation it has managed to increase its cargo handled, going from 2 million to almost 4 million tons per year thanks to the shock of investments in new infrastructure and the technology implemented in this terminal that, additionally, has allowed it to improve its productivity. at 35%.

For its part, the Port of Matarani is a consolidated operation; It is 23 years old and it was also the first terminal licensed by the State, which has allowed the production of large mining projects in the south of the country to reach international markets. Nearly 70% of the cargo volume of this terminal corresponds to large-scale mining.

“Peru has first-class port infrastructure that has accompanied the development of foreign trade and the country's industries in general. We are proud and satisfied to be a leading and world-class company that has contributed to the revitalization of the national and regional economy, making ports true poles of development”, says Álvaro Galindo Neumann, General Manager
Corporativo de Grupo Tramarsa.

Investment hand in hand with social development

Galindo Neumann also pointed out that the investments made have gone hand in hand with the development of the communities where they operate; making the modernization projects sustainable over time because funds are allocated to benefit the communities in axes such as health, education, infrastructure and sports.

“We have grown as port concessionaires hand in hand with the populations and that has been one of the bases of our success. For example, in the case of Salaverry, we have an approval of more than 80% of the population of the district”, Galindo pointed out.

Tramarsa Group Operations

Currently, Grupo Tramarsa operates 7 terminals; In addition to the ports of Matarani and Salaverry, it operates the Minerales de Callao terminal, 2 liquid terminals in Paita and Ilo, and 2 multipurpose terminals in Pucallpa and Bayóvar. Additionally, it has been commissioned to operate and maintain 2 private third-party terminals: Marcobre in San Juan de Marcona and Quellaveco in Ilo.

Source: Peruvian Association of Maritime Agents