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Date: January 23

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) highlighted that 77 micro, small and medium-sized exporting companies (MSMEs) that participate in the pilot projects of the Productive Export Route (RPE) would have achieved foreign sales of 152 million dollars during 2022. , a growth of 8.5% compared to 2021.

This was stated by the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Teresa Mera, who pointed out that, thanks to this important program, companies from Piura, San Martin and Junín -of the organic banana, coffee and cocoa value chains- have been strengthening their capacities to internalization.

For example, 24 of these companies have managed to enter 26 new markets, a significant achievement in this process of economic recovery.

Export Productive Route

During the sixth meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Export Productive Route, with the participation of Mincetur, the Ministry of Production (Produce) and Midagri, as well as partner and allied institutions from the public sector and international cooperation, Vice Minister Teresa Mera highlighted that 150 MSMEs have already received, in total, 98 export productive development business services; which means 90% progress in the execution of this project, promoted by Mincetur and Produce, and supported by the Swiss Cooperation (SECO).

In the multisectoral meeting, they also discussed the importance of giving institutional and financial sustainability to this program, and the progress made in the design of the RPE scaling strategy, which allows this model to be replicated in other regions of the country and new supply chains. worth.

All the partner and allied institutions of the initiative reaffirmed their commitment to continue working in an articulated manner with a view to scaling the Export Productive Route. In this sense, it is expected to launch the fourth call for the RPE in April 2023.

“We will continue promoting coordination with key actors at the national and regional level. The RPE is achieving positive results, both for the beneficiaries and for the service providers; Therefore, this year we will seek to expand the scope of the initiative to more regions. We will continue on this path of promoting regional exports, as a means to contribute to the generation of employment and the economic reactivation of our country," said the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade.


Also participating in the sixth meeting of the Advisory Committee were the Vice Minister of MYPE and Industry, Javier Dávila; the Vice Minister of Development of Family Farming and Agrarian Infrastructure and Irrigation, Christian Barrantes; the Deputy Director of Swiss Cooperation, Mauricio Chiaravalli; and executives from PromPerú, INIA, Sierra y Selva Exportadora, Technological Institute of Production - ITP, Devida, MEF's National Council for Competitiveness and Formalization, and international cooperation.

The purpose of the RPE is to increase the competitiveness and internationalization of exporting MSMEs, through a system of articulated provision of export productive development services. It has the co-financing of the SeCompetitivo Program of the Swiss Cooperation, facilitated by HELVETAS Peru.

Source: LOGISTICS 360