Date: May 5

Callao Logistics Park DNA. The monumental project, built with an investment of more than US$ 260 million in the heart of the route that connects the ports of Callao and Chancay, will decongest one of the most important commercial circuits in the country with an offer for small, medium and large company.

Almacenes del Norte announced the launch, in Ventanilla, of ADN Parque Logístico Callao, the first sustainable logistics park in Peru, which will be delivered in the first quarter of 2024. The monumental project has an area of 500,000 m2 and is strategically located 20 Km from the Jorge Chávez International Airport, 25 Km from the Port of Callao and 40 Km from the future Megaport of Chancay, the main entry gates for products to the country.

"We plan to deliver the first operational warehouses in March 2024. This logistics park is the result of the trust and commitment of Peruvian businessmen and large foreign partners of recognized prestige in the real estate sector who did not hesitate to join the initiative, with a total investment of more than US$ 200 million”, commented Nicolás Costanzi, executive director of Almacenes del Norte.

According to the real estate group, ADN Parque Logístico Callao has been conceived taking into account respect and care for the environment, the social development of the region and inclusive economic growth. Its design is based on flexibility, offering the possibility of developing customized solutions, leasing multi-size warehouses with surfaces that fluctuate between 150 and 20,000 m2, and even build-to-suit spaces.

El ADN Parque Logístico Callao está ubicado en Ventanilla.

In addition, it has modern access control and monitoring systems, and a complete protocol that guarantees high security standards.

In this way, the group seeks to favor a business environment where small, medium and large entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share knowledge, achieve efficiencies in transportation costs of the distribution and logistics chain, as well as efficiencies in operating costs.

“This important logistics park was developed following global cost efficiency trends. Thus, its design offers a more profitable solution for renting warehouses within a park than a stand alone, mainly due to the security and services that can be accessed”, added Moisés Ackerman, general manager of MAK Soluciones Inmobiliarias.

 <strong> ADN Parque Logístico Callao</strong>.

ADN Callao Logistics Park: How many jobs will it generate?

As part of the sustainable concept, the floors and pavements of the project have permeable foundations, to avoid affecting the surrounding water levels.

ADN Parque Logístico Callao also contemplates 28,000 m2 of green areas that will be irrigated with recovered water; energy efficiency systems that optimize the use of natural light, low-consumption LED lights, renewable energy generation through the use of solar panels and roofs with anti-glare treatment to minimize light impact.

Finally, Costanzi assured that, with the arrival of ADN Parque Logístico Callao, more than 2,000 direct jobs will be generated and many more indirectly, "thus promoting the participation of local suppliers and service providers."

"Our commitment with this project is to promote business inclusion, as well as contribute to the economic revitalization of the region and the country, being responsible with the use of resources and the natural environment," concluded the Executive Director.

Source: La Republica