20 years of great stories

Andina Freight began its operations as an international cargo agent in the year 2000. With more than 20 years of experience, we are capable of operating in 105 countries, providing the service of our 2 business units: General Cargo and Project Cargo.


Being the leading Peruvian company in international freight transport, we seek success in international transport operations, through the highly professional support of our team, committed to your needs, offering loyalty, efficiency and competitiveness, evaluating your requirements and complying with the most demanding international standards of quality, safety and delivery times, committed to the environment and our society.


We were born with the aim of creating value and contributing to the economic growth of our country from the perspective of foreign trade, efficiently structuring the international physical distribution chain, providing logistical support to modern companies in their adaptation to new international trends.


EEUU / Miami 235 S LE JEUNE RD, Coral Gables. Miami, FL 33134-177

MÉXICO / Cerrada Maecelan N° 1501 INT 12 CO. Santiago de Querétaro

COLOMBIA / Calle 26 No 92 - 32 Oficina 03 – 158 Torre G2. Bogotá D.C

PERÚ / Edificio Time Magdalena Av. Del Ejercito N°1180, INT 1204. Lima

CHILE / Hernando de Aguirre 162 Oficina 704. Comuna Providencia, Santiago